Gas or induction?

When building or renovating, it can be difficult to choose whether your kitchen should be centred around gas or induction cooking. Our premium Schweigen IN. range features both, so we will describe the benefits of each to help make your decision easier.

Gas Cooking

Being the more traditional style of cooking, gas stovetops became a commercial success after piped gas started to become available in large towns across Britain. This revolutionised home cooking, and still stands as the most common style of cooktop.

The benefits:
You can use any type of pots and pans. This includes copper (usually used for Asian style cooking), cast iron skillets, aluminium, and more.

Cooking with high heat is an advantage
When cooking with high heat, there is complete control over sautéing and moving the pan around. This can be in dishes such as stir-fries and sautéed vegetables, making for an effortless and enjoyable cooking experience.

Technology is always evolving
Features such as auto & smooth ignition, the first ever Child Lock function in Australia, and the Flame Failure Safety Device make the Schweigen IN. range revolutionary to gas cooking in the 21st century.

Induction cooking

Induction works by electronically heating your cookware by magnetic induction. This newer style of cooking became popular from the 1970s for its rapid heat-up and cool-down properties. Some of the features of the Schweigen IN. induction range include Child Lock, a Bridge Function to combine two heating zones, and Pre-set Cooking Temperatures.

The benefits:
Precise, Efficient and Safe. Heat is directed straight to the induction-compatible pot or pan, therefore giving precise temperatures and resulting in further energy efficiency. This also makes for a safe-to-touch surface almost immediately after cooking.

Design is fully integrated
Home renovators and builders wanting a modern, sleek and fully integrated kitchen, see additional benefits with induction design due to its completely horizontal surface.

Easy wipe clean surface
Both the Schweigen IN. gas and induction range feature premium quality Schott Ceran® glass and ceramic surfaces. This makes cleaning easier than ever when using the right products. Schweigen experts recommend Cerapol* or an organic product such as Koh* for best results.

*This article is not sponsored by Koh or Cerapol. Schweigen experts recommend products only as a personal preference.

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