Silent bathroom fans

Have you ever wondered why your bathroom exhaust fan is so noisy? Is it broken, or has it always been loud? Do you wonder if you are able to fix it?

Well, wonder no longer. If you’re doing a bathroom renovation there is always one important element that should be considered: proper ventilation. Many websites will say you do not need to replace your noisy bathroom exhaust fan, claiming that you can easily fix it. This may well be the case, as in most cases the vent housing is full of dirt and dust, however this only makes the fan slightly quieter. You will have spent time and effort doing a DIY job, but you will still own a noisy extractor fan.

Integrating ventilation into your home renovation

Home renovators are starting to lean towards creating total peace within their newly renovated, modern bathroom. A complete solution to proper ventilation is key, with hygienic removal of odours and bacteria now as important in the modern home as resulting ambient noise.

The best multi-purpose solution

As silent rangehood specialists, Schweigen have been mastering silent extraction technology for over 10 years. The German engineered concept is not just made for the kitchen, however. The Schweigen silent multi-purpose fan is extremely versatile, and can be installed in the bathroom, pantry, laundry, garage or cellar.

Versatile extraction for your whole home

The BR500 multi-purpose fan is Australia’s most powerful, energy efficient and versatile ventilation unit, whisking away odours, steam and bacteria in seconds. With the ability to ventilate two different rooms simultaneously, this is the only fan you will ever need to invest in.

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