Schweigen Silent Rangehoods Wallmount 900mm KLS-ANDRO9S (SECOND)

$4,289.00 $999.00 AUD

The Andromeda’s minimalistic and clean lines will enhance any kitchen. By combining luminous strip lighting with warm timber, it creates not only a unique look but an ambience as well. The Andromeda is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, exuding both style and elegance.

With the revolutionary Balanced Aspiration system, the Andromeda provides a unique distribution of airflow which creates a higher than normal level of suction at both ends of the rangehood. The Andromeda is perfect for anyone who wishes to create a warm and cosy feel in the kitchen.

  • Wood‐glass finish
  • Stainless Steel filters (high class)
  • Automatic stop (last time)
  • Saturation filters alarm
  • Halogen lighting (20w)
  • 4-speed remote control only*
  • B.A. System (balance aspiration)
  • Dimensions: 900 x 520mm
  • 3 months warranty on rangehood, 2 year warranty on the motor, lifetime warranty on filters
  • This is a discontinued product 

Second – Products with this label include discontinued stock, factory refurbished, brand new appliances which have been superseded, run out or an end of line model. Some of them may also have a small dint or blemish on its fascia, but the internals are in perfect operating condition.

All Schweigen outlet store appliances are subjected to strict quality checks to ensure proper performance to ensure that these appliances deliver peak performance and come with all the original accessories. Essentially, you get a great discount and also have the security of our warranty. Limited stock available, strictly while stocks last.

*Note: This model is controlled by remote control only



120 cm


Motor Type

SP Single 1600m3/hr Isodrive System

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