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The Schweigen Outlet Store is an online only store whereby we sell our discontinued models, refurbished, seconds or ex-display models products direct to the public. If you are after our latest and current models please visit our website or locate your nearest dealer.


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Schweigen are the Silent Rangehood Experts. We are a 100% Australian owned company behind bestselling Silent Rangehoods supporting Australian manufacturing and jobs. Designing Australia’s most efficient silent rangehoods made and manufactured in Europe, we have built a reputation for providing innovative, stylish and premium appliances through more than 900+ leading retailers nationwide. View our full range here, take a 3D virtual tour, or visit your nearest dealer showroom today to experience the performance and quality for yourself.

19 thoughts on “About Schweigen”

  1. Hi, we are looking for a 900mm deep and 1200mm wide outdoor rangehood. We’ve had a look on your site, but can’t see any, do you ave any available please?

    Many thanks,

  2. Hi I am interested in the Schweigen Silent Rangehood Undermount 900mm UM1170-9SP model. You have one on your website. Can you tell me why it is being sold a a second. What conditions is it in? Thanks

    1. Hi Damian,

      Those ones are just categorised as ‘Box Damaged’ because the carton has been damaged in transit. We have checked the product before listing it to ensure there is no cosmetic or functional damage. Anything marked as a ‘Second’ will have a photo of the cosmetic impurity, but functions perfectly. Anything marked as ‘discontinued’ is simply a run-out or deleted model that we must clear, again with no functional failings.

      Schweigen Seconds & Spare Parts Store

  3. Hi, interested in DS3170SP, the website how’s 3 available and can I check are they refurbished, ex display or just carton damaged? Thanks

    1. Hi David,

      Each one is marked with the category of damage, we have mainly carton damaged available at the moment.
      Please don’t hesitate to get in touch should you have any further queries.

      Schweigen Seconds & Spare Parts Store

  4. Hi,

    We are renovating a kitchen and are interested in your silent undermount rangehoods.
    As we will have a 800 wide induction cooktop, is your UM1170-9ST model with the 900m3/hr capacity going to do the job or do we need to look at the SP model?

    Also is the UM1170-9ST model available for sale from time to time as I haven’t seen one appear on your website yet?




  6. Chris Phillips

    Hi guys,
    We need a 900mm silent rangehood exposed not built in and two or three silent exhaust fans.
    Please direct me to the best possible prices.
    Seconds are fine.

  7. Sarah Coughlan

    Hi there. Does the Schweigen Rangehood Undermount 900mm HN-9UM require a ducting kit??

  8. Morning, I have a Schweigen undermount range UM-PA9SP and want to replace the light bulbs please ? Do you stock them ?

  9. Hello Schweigen
    We will be having a Schweigen Rangehoods installed in our new kitchen Reno and have had conflicting messages as to who is responsible for its installation.
    Can you please advise which of all the tradespeople should be involved with the installation.

    Many thanks

  10. Hi

    i am look at the below product and i am interested if the lights can be changed to LED. Is this possible to add to this unit? Does the unit come with all parts including the ducting and motor for intall?

    Schweigen Silent Rangehood Island 900mm IS4110S

    1. Hi Stuart,

      Absolutely – we’ve actually just recently changed all of our globes over to LED. I’ve updated the product description to reflect this. The IS4110S will definitely come with LEDs. You also receive the S1.650m3 Isodrive motor, and ducting with this product. If you’d like to opt for a different motor, please choose one from our main website and just let me know your choice via digital@schweigen.com.au and I can swap this out for you. Happy Shopping 🙂

      Schweigen Seconds & Spare Parts Store

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