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Recently, the Australian modern home design industry has revolutionised the outdoor living space, making it one of the most important zones for entertaining in any home.

With interior designers and architects creating a space useful for both the summer and winter seasons, it has become focal to ensure this area is as stylish and functional as possible, especially for the enjoyment of restaurant quality outdoor dining. If you’re in the market for a kitchen makeover, it’s not just about changing the kitchen – it’s about changing your lifestyle to create an entertainment area for family and friends to enjoy for years to come.

Outdoor entertainment zones

The modern Australian’s expectations run high as a result of the integration of the outdoor entertaining area into our lifestyles. An alfresco kitchen has developed to especially suit the needs of outdoor dining (a.k.a: putting a “shrimp on the barbie”!). However, when we think of creating an alfresco space, one design concept that usually doesn’t come to mind is a rangehood for your BBQ. So, when and why do we need one?

Considering the options

One of the main drawbacks of a semi enclosed alfresco living space is excessive food odours, smoke and grease – generally caused from the steaks and snags that are a regular item on our home menus. A rangehood to suit your cooking needs is highly important for designs such as wall mounted BBQs under alfresco roofing.

In these situations, people suffer from the grease, oil and fat particles from their cooking sticking straight onto the wall and roof – ruining the paint and structure – which has been tirelessly designed and built.

Adapting for our modern lifestyle

Despite the alfresco area being the perfect entertainment setting, it unfortunately becomes less appealing if your guests are unable to join the cooking experience with you. Due to innovative technology, experts in both the home design and kitchen appliance industries highly recommend that the best solution is to install a specifically designed alfresco rangehood in your outdoor dining area.

The silent solution

For the most efficient, functional dining experience, you have the option to simply choose a rangehood that is silent. Silent rangehoods are Schweigen’s speciality, being industry leaders for over 10 years. Enjoy the hum of family and friends’ laughter and conversation whilst cooking in a smoke and odour-free space.

You can be assured satisfaction by purchasing from an Australian owned company, who use quality German engineered motors in their silent rangehoods. The family-run Schweigen team say from their very own backyard, that this is the right solution for yours. Visit our extensive selection of BBQ Alfresco rangehoods at:

Need more help picking your silent rangehood?

We’ve got you covered. Find out more about how to choose the perfect rangehood for your kitchen and lifestyle in our most comprehensive rangehood buying guide to-date here.

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