Integrated kitchens

Undermount rangehoods have revolutionised the way we look at modern kitchen design. Hidden underneath cabinetry, undermount rangehoods are neither seen nor heard as they actively extract airborne grease, oils and odours from your kitchen. This innovative style of rangehood has gained attention with home renovators alongside the increasing popularity of running cabinetry.

Renovating with integration in mind

To attain perfect integration and harmony for any kitchen build or makeover, a home renovator must consider all elements when buying an undermount rangehood. These include style, form and function.

The concealed design of these rangehoods is perfect for those who desire a fully integrated kitchen – enhancing continuous, sleek, modern lines. Like most rangehoods, undermounts can come in different styles, depths and widths, and offer baffle or mesh filters, so you can achieve the perfect aesthetic for your kitchen.

Placement is paramount

The positioning of an undermount rangehood is especially important for efficient extraction of grease, oil and fat particles. This is also particularly important to consider when you are working with a cabinet-maker. The ideal size of any rangehood should be slightly larger than your cooktop area. Matching your rangehood width and depth to your cooktop is also adequate, as it still captures grease and dense particles effectively.

Function that fits your lifestyle

What makes an undermount rangehood the ultimate choice for a perfectly integrated kitchen design is ultimately its function. As kitchens become the centre of attention in the modern home, more than ever we desire silent appliances that perform efficiently and compliment our busy lifestyles.

A noisy rangehood or noisy extractor fan undoubtedly can ruin the ambience of a modern kitchen, so this is especially important to consider when building or renovating. Schweigen are amongst the most efficient and effective in modern kitchen appliances bringing peace and quiet to the hub of your home. For undermount rangehood and kitchen design inspiration, please click here.

Need more help picking your silent rangehood?

We’ve got you covered. Find out more about how to choose the perfect rangehood for your kitchen and lifestyle in our most comprehensive rangehood buying guide to-date here.

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