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Do you feel like restaurant meals just don’t seem to compare to your home-cooked delights? Well, you certainly do not have to go to culinary school to cook restaurant-quality dishes! There are many little tips and tricks you can pick up to improve your skills. Here are Schweigen’s Top 3 Tips to keep you on top of your cooking game:

Keep your knives sharp! 

As ironic as it sounds, keeping your knife sharp is much safer. A sharp blade gives you complete control over your slices at it won’t slip. So, keep a knife sharpener handy… it’s only a matter of time until you badly cut yourself.

Reuse your pan

If you’re making a dish with two or more elements, say homemade spaghetti & meatballs, use the same pan for all your ingredients and take advantage of all the flavours. Sear-off your meat, remove, then cook your sauce in the same pan or pot. This means less washing-up for you, and a more delicious meal!

Don’t be afraid of using high-temperatures

When cooking wok and stir-fry meals, we’re usually afraid of grease and oil related mess, unwanted odours, and noisy extractor fans in our rangehoods. Investing in a powerful rangehood is important when cooking Asian-style dishes as it keeps kitchen air hygienic, while removing grease, oils and fats from your kitchen.

If fear of your noisy extractor fan means you avoid cooking at high-temperatures, you’re likely missing the key ingredient to perfecting a delectable stir-fry or fried rice – which is high heat! If that’s the case, then you’ll be relieved to turn on your new silent Schweigen hood.

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