Rangehood update

The rangehood is one of those kitchen appliances that tends to go unnoticed by the average homeowner. Most home cooks usually own an out-dated rangehood because investing in a new one is reserved for a kitchen makeover or new house build. Here’s why you should be thinking about buying a rangehood before anything else:

Our rangehoods clean and filter the air for us, there is no doubt about that, however we tend to ignore the fact that our rangehoods need a bit of care and attention every once in a while. Because of the amount of grease, oil and fat build up that a rangehood may take in, they can end up being loud, annoying, and worst of all, a large fire hazard within your home.

If you clean your filters consistently enough you are of course improving the longevity of your important kitchen appliance, but it will still need to be replaced at some stage down the track. 

The modern kitchen 

Because the new age modern kitchen has become the entertaining hub of the home, it should also be the most odourless and noise free space. When you are entertaining and immersed in conversation with your guests, there is nothing more mood killing than the sound of a noisy rangehood.

An older rangehood may no longer have the motor power to function properly and remove smells and odours, which results in your kitchen being left with stale smells and unclean air. An underperforming rangehood can be hazardous, embarrassing, and can make a difference in how guests view your home.

Choosing the best product for your lifestyle 

By choosing to go down the silent rangehood path, you will enjoy the most efficient, stylish and effective solution to suit your lifestyle. To make sure you are investing in the best product on the market, trust leading experts in innovative silent rangehood technology, who offer peace of mind warranties and excellent customer support and after-care.

Schweigen leads the industry with high performing silent rangehoods; all powered by a superior quality externally mounted motor that keeps your kitchen clean, odour-free and silent. Is it time to update your home to be the cleanest, safest and most silent it can be?

Find your perfect silent rangehood

Find out how to choose the perfect rangehood for your kitchen and lifestyle in our most comprehensive rangehood buying guide to-date here.

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